Circuit Training

A combination of strength and high intensity interval training. We use various modalities such as TRX, kettle bell, BOSU, and free weights. Suitable for novice or advanced clients. Training is 30 minutes, Mondays & Fridays at 7 a.m. $15 per session with package. $20 for drop-in.

Core Central

Core class is more than just abs. Core class is total body resistance training. Stabilization work utilizing the Bosu and fit ball, T.R.X. bodyweight suspension training and Pilates influenced moves to streamline your core. Semi private training is 45 minutes at $25 per session. Discount for Casaundra's PT clients, $10 per session. Join us Saturdays @ 10:30AM.


T.R.X. is body weight suspension training. This invention was created by a navy seal to keep the marines in shape during long trips aboard ship. T.R.X. is Cardio, Core, Strength, and flexibility work. Join us Thursdays @ 6PM. $25 per session. Discount for Casaundra's PT clients, $10 per session.


Hatha Yoga is meant to inspire others. Greg's classes are about creating a relaxing & safe environment for students to explore and expand their yoga practice. Sundays @ 10am. $15 per session. Please inquire about other classes not listed on the Groupon page.

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