Testimonial - Nicholas Barnett

How do I start to tell you that one place and one individual changed my life completely.  I was literally the most unhealthy I had ever been when I first showed up at Game Plan Fitness and started personal training sessions and workouts with Casaundra Arellano.  When I mean unhealthy I was 252, had poor diet, and every aspect of my life was slowly getting worse.  Once I began working with Casaundra, I started to see and feel improvement, that began the process of honestly rebirth.  I can proudly say that I am 212, stronger than I have been in a decade, and have energy and a sense of well-being I didn’t think was possibly.  Every aspect of my life is getting better with each training session, and every work out is customized to you and your goals.  I have the utmost confidence that Casaundra could help anyone who is looking to either completely transform themselves or bring a relatively healthy individual to the next level.  I highly recommend beginning training sessions for anyone at any level with Casaundra and I literally couldn’t be more satisfied with the results and where my progress is headed.  My only hope is that others get to experience what I was able to, because life only seems to be getting better.  Thank you Casaundra and Game Plan Fitness for changing my life.   -- Nicholas Barnett

Testomonials - Michelle Chapman

I am a 55year old woman who is overweight, didn't exercise has rheumatoid arthritis and a frozen left shoulder. Feeling broken and in pain, lacking confidence and discouraged after physical therapy, cortisone shots and inflammatory medications.I reached out to Gameplan Fitness. Casaundra Arellano (who happens to be the owner) started me on my journey. Casaundra was very detailed on her questioning my overall health, The R.A. the injury and my goals. She is amazing at creating unique workouts and is quite knowledgeable. Honestly I was so impressed with all the different ways she uses the equipment in the studio. She has a different plan for me twice a week. I would like to aknowlege her personality. She is kind, encouraging and motivating. I lack a profound amount of  coordination and she just powered right through it. She broke it down by doing the exercises with me so I can follow her lead. I am happy to share that my shoulder has made significant improvements. My range of motion is so much better and the pain is nearly gone. I have much more strength, energy and sleep much better. It should come as no surprise that I highly recommend Casaundra Arellano. She has a gift. -- Michelle Chapman 1/30/14

Testimonial - Barbara Dannenbring

My training with Casaundra has been a great experience and I would definitely recommend her as a trainer! She individualized my fitness plan/workouts paying special attention to special needs I have because of prior knee injuries that inhibit me from participating in certain exercises. She is knowledgeable about alternate exercises to do if you have any special needs or limitations or if you have a goal you are focusing on. Her focus and skill is amazing and she comes up with effective workouts that are always changing to meet the needs of the client. I have never met anyone who can create so many ways to work out! She keeps in touch with what is going on in the fitness world and is totally professional. As a trainer she knows when to push you and when to ease up at just the right time. I wholeheartedly urge you to train with Casaundra!" -- Barbara Dannenbring

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